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As many homeowners are spending more time outdoors in the comfort of their backyards, we need to engage your thoughts around the word comfort. So, what is comfort? It is a sense of physical or psychological ease

A patio cover can provide this comfort. It can create an engaging relationship between light, nature and pleasingly aesthetic views. Whether under the bright sky or nighttime stars, it’s a place where family and friends have a flexible space to relax and entertain.

Patio covers also protect you from outdoor elements such as the sun and rain. And if you are planning on selling your home, a well-designed and constructed patio cover will add value.

To learn more about the different types of patio covers, keep scrolling.

If you are interested in comfort and learning more about high-quality custom patio covers, contact Pristine Backyard Oasis, a first-class patio cover contractor.

Want To Know What Your Choices Are?

Three Main Types of Patio Covers



A pergola has four sturdy beams with cross beams attached on the top and is typically all open. They are perfect for a natural setting where ornamental vines grow up the sides and potted plants sit alongside. It is an excellent place to unwind at night under the stars. If you are looking for protection from the elements, a waterproof cover can be installed on the top.



Gazebos are freestanding structures that have a solid roof and are partially open on the sides. They are generally a hexagonal or octagon shape and are placed on a patio or have a built-in floor. Most often, they are used as a focal point in an outdoor setting. It can be a place to escape after a long day, have cocktails at a backyard wedding or for aesthetic appeal.



Pavillions are open and solid structures with four to six posts and a roof. They do not have a built-in floor as they usually sit attached to a patio. They can be freestanding or an extension from the building. Rectangular or square size is never a problem as they can be constructed to fit any flat layout. Do you love to party with lots of guests in your backyard? If so, its time to explore pavillions.

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